Hollywood: Richmond’s Garden Cemetery

Hollywood: Richmond’s Garden Cemetery

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Hollywood Cemetery holds a revered place in the history, lore and culture of Richmond—but that was not always true. At first the cemetery was rejected by locals who feared it would spoil westward expansion of the city; by neighboring landowners who cried foul over petty easement rights; and by others who claimed that decaying corpses would foul the city’s water supply.

But attitudes changed. Today, Hollywood lives out its original intention for the living and the dead. It is a mature green space with a commanding view of the James River that serves the public as a natural retreat within the confines of the city. It is the final resting place for two U.S. presidents, the only confederate president, several confederate generals, a Supreme Court justice, writers and local celebrities—as well as many people who are not famous at all. In addition to its legendary status in Richmond and beyond, Hollywood remains a working cemetery.

Now, the Community Idea Stations tell the story of this beloved landmark with a unique blend of archival images, original music, fascinating interviews, and beautiful videography that showcases this garden spot during all four seasons of the year.

This is a not a standard packaged DVD item. The DVD will be sent in a protective paper sleeve, not in a DVD case and is printed without special production graphics.

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