Downtown Richmond Memories

$19.95 USD

Remember when “going downtown” meant so much more than just a shopping trip? You put on your best clothes to take a journey to a place and time that will always live in your memory. This was before shopping malls, when we came from all over to go to the only place where we could buy everything we needed, or we could simply look. There were those wonderful window displays. There was the delicious six-layer cake from Thalhimer’s bakery. You had to get your new hat from Sara Sue. You absolutely had to see Snow Bear. And maybe, while you were checking out the sights, the picture lady was checking you out, snapping your photograph as you strolled down Broad Street and then over to Grace Street for shoes.

Join us for another nostalgic look at Richmond the way we remember it. Listen to the stories and look at this delightful scrapbook of Downtown Richmond Memories.

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