Richmond Memories Vol. 1-4 Collection

Richmond Memories Vol. 1-4 Collection

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Richmond Memories Vol. 1-4 DVD Collection:

Vol. 1: Richmond Memories
Remember when you rode the streetcar to school, dressed up to go Downtown, spent Saturday after noons at the Hippodrome and danced with that special someone at Tantilla? If those are among your treasured memories, let Richmond Memories take you on a sentimental journey back in time.

Richmond Memories is a personal history of life in Richmond from the 1920s through the 1960s, told by the people who lived it...featuring vintage photos, rare film footage and memorabilia from museum archives and private collections. Take a gentle stroll down memory lane. Revisit your favorite places and familiar faces. Old Richmond comes alive again for you in Richmond Memories.

Vol. 2: More Richmond Memories
Your wool swimsuit weighed more wet than you did, but it couldn’t dampen the thrill of a train ride to Buckroe Beach. Those were the days...milk delivered right to your front door; the spine-tingling whack of the bat at Mooers Field; side by side with Alden Aaroe’s voice on the radio at sunrise; the real Santa Claus, pony rides and TV dance parties. These are the memories you love–the sights, sounds and tastes you’ll experience all over again through More Richmond Memories.

This extraordinary, personal excursion reaches into the past from the 1920s through the 1960s. From attic trunks, worn scrapbooks, private collections and museum archives have come rare photographs and film footage–never to be forgotten in More Richmond Memories.

Vol. 3: Richmond Memories, School Days
School days in Richmond–from the 1920s through the 1960s, was a time of unparalleled innocence, when the halls of Thomas Jefferson and old John Marshall rang with laughter at practical jokes between classes; when Friday nights meant football games, rousing school spirit and a grand stand at the drive-in for burgers afterward. It was an era of May Day queens, cadet corps, the Armstrong-Walker Classic and teachers who made you tow the line because they cared. It was the age of the Great Depression, high school friendships that would last a lifetime, rock and roll and seniors who went to war.

Relive those treasured moments through Richmond Memories, School Days–a charming, heartfelt journey enhanced by snapshots, yearbooks, rare film foot- age and delightful stories from the people who lived them.

Vol. 4: Downtown Richmond Memories
Remember when “going downtown” meant so much more than just a shopping trip? You put on your best clothes to take a journey to a place and time that will always live in your memory. This was before shopping malls, when we came from all over to go to the only place where we could buy everything we needed, or we could simply look. There were those wonderful window displays. There was the delicious six-layer cake from Thalhimer’s bakery. You had to get your new hat from Sara Sue. You absolutely had to see Snow Bear. And maybe, while you were checking out the sights, the picture lady was checking you out, snapping your photograph as you strolled down Broad Street and then over to Grace Street for shoes.

Join us for another nostalgic look at Richmond the way we remember it. Listen to the stories and look at this delightful scrapbook of Downtown Richmond Memories.

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