Sarge Reynolds: A Documentary

Sarge Reynolds: A Documentary

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J. Sargeant Reynolds represented hope in the future of politics for many disenfranchised Virginians. With his quick rise to the near top of Virginia politics in the late 1960’s, “Sarge” seemed unstoppable… until time ran out.

Sarge Reynolds: A Documentary explores how the death of a man who some say was on the fast-track to the presidency left a void in the Democratic Party and changed Virginia’s political landscape. The documentary shows Reynolds’ tireless devotion to promote racial equality and public education throughout the state, as well as delves into the reasons for his extreme popularity and his ability to communicate to the youth of the tumultuous ’60s.

Through interviews with family, friends and political historians combined with archival footage and photos, Sarge Reynolds: A Documentary will uncover his legacy and what impact his life had—and still has—on Virginia.

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